What is a Logo & brand guide contest?

Logo & brand guide contests allow clients to get a logo plus a brand guide for their new logo in the same contest. These contests have a higher prize because the winner must deliver multiple designs:

  • 1 logo
  • 1 brand guide 

How it works:

  1. Qualifying Round: The logo design is the only focus during the contest. Do not submit any part of the brand guide deliverable.
  2. Final Round: Selected designers continue finalizing their concepts focusing only on the logo.
  3. Handover: The winning designer will refine and submit all logo deliverables, then work with the client to deliver the brand guide files.
  4. Prize Released: Once the handover is complete, the prize is released to the designer's account.

The deliverables:

Your final design files should be uploaded in all of the following formats:

Logo files

  • JPG, PNG
  • Vector PDF
  • Adobe Illustrator

Brand Guide files (each should have all pages of the guide in a single file)

  • A high-res, editable source file of the final design (PSD, AI or INDD)
  • A print-ready PDF file with all the fonts outlined

Good to know

What does 99designs provide me with?

To help you get started, we supply the Brand Guide template in Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, PDF and InDesign formats (available below or here). Furthermore, we'll be asking the client to provide the following information in their brief:

  • A short paragraph about the organization
  • The organization website, phone number & email address
  • Any existing fonts that already make up the brand (optional)
  • Any existing colors that already make up the brand (optional)
  • Anything else the client would like included in the Brand Guide (optional)

Brand Guide templates 

The Brand Guide template is there as a guideline. You are invited to customize it to make it more your own, or add and remove sections of the template depending on what the client provides you with.

Brand Guides should include the following:

  • Cover
  • About page
  • Logo usage
  • Typography
  • Color palette
  • Glossary
  • Back cover


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