How do I find a contest that suits me?

There are over 1,500 contests open at a given time. How can you narrow this selection down to contests that are a good fit for your skills?

Start by clicking the Browse tab on the menu bar of your profile page.


You’ll see our marketplace—a list of open contests, along with information about whether they’re private, blind, guaranteed, etc.

To find contests of a certain type (e.g. logos, websites, packaging, etc.), use the 'All Categories' dropdown at top.

As seen below, you can also use the Filters button at top to access a range of filters to narrow the results by key words, contest end dates, minimum prizes, and more. 


Once you find a contest that looks interesting, click on its title to see the full details. Also make sure to read the brief. Then consider if you have any questions for the customer before entering your design. 

For tips on selecting the right contest for you, see this post on the 99designs blog.

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