Can I present multiple logo variations in a single Contest entry?

When designing logos, it is the industry standard to provide slight variations of the logo so it can be used in different ways (ie. web, print, etc.). Designers do not have to provide these variations in Contests, but will not be penalized for doing so.

You may not present multiple logo concepts in the same entry. Logo concepts that contain different design elements must be uploaded as separate entries. This is mostly for your protection as Clients will assume they are buying all of your logo concepts for the same price. What do we mean by logo "variation" vs. logo "concept?"

Allowable Logo Variations:

  • Colors/Greyscale, Black, White
  • Vertical Layout
  • Horizontal Layout
  • Icon/Illustration Only Layout

Examples of entries that are ALLOWED:


The example above from designer Chris Kay shows a vertical layout, a horizontal layout, the icon by itself and a mockup in various colors, but the concept is the same in all variations.

In another one of Chris Kay's entries (above), he presents a vertical layout, a horizontal layout, the icon by itself and a mockup in various colors, but the concept is the same in all variations.

In the example above, designer !s shows the logo and a simplified icon version.

In the example above, designer AHGDesign shows a horizontal layout and a simplified icon version with mockups.

What is considered a "variation" and what is a new "concept?"

Logo variations are different arrangements of a logo concept and should all contain the exact same concept and core elements (icons, illustrations, & typography).

Any modifications other than arrangement and color are considered different concepts and we strongly encourage designers to submit them as different entries. For example, showing the logo design on light and dark backgrounds is common practice. To maintain legibility on different backgrounds sometimes there must be different color versions of the same logo. Similarly, providing a stacked or vertical layout of the logo as well as a horizontal layout is normal and not considered "free" or "extra."

Your entry may be reported/removed if you provide:

  • Different illustrations in a single entry
  • More than 4 logo variations in a single entry

To limit the work necessary to participate in Contests and cut down on ambiguous reports, we do not allow different icons or illustrations in a single logo entry. If you are worried about being reported for presenting multiple concepts in a single entry, it is best to be cautious and upload separate entries. We do not allow more than 4 logo layouts to be showcased per entry. However, if a designer chooses to provide more than 4 variations of their logo during the handover that is their decision. Showcasing different colors in the same entry will not be penalized.

If you choose to show multiple logo variations in a single entry, please be aware that you are responsible for delivering final files for each variation shown in the entry that has been awarded. If you do not want to provide all versions in the handover you must clearly state this before you are awarded. This eliminates any chance of confusion from the client as to what they've paid for and what they will receive.

Brush up on What final files you should deliver to clients and What file formats should you should upload to the handover.

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