I received an offer for a discounted 99designs package. How can I tell it’s real?

If you’ve received an offer from 99designs for a discounted graphic design package, make sure you check the offer is really from 99designs before continuing. 99designs will never request that you provide payment or any other personal data anywhere other than on our secure website.

If you’ve received an email offering a promotion, carefully review the address the email was sent from. The email is legitimate if it ends in one of these three domains: 

  • @99designs.com
  • @99designs.zendesk.com
  • @email.99designs.com

If the email does not end in one of the above domains, it is likely a scam.

If you received a call, text, or email from a company you believe is pretending to be 99designs, take down as many details as you can and report it immediately to payments@99designs.com. Please send a short introduction and forward or attach all details in your email to us. We’ll investigate as soon as possible.

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