How much do 1-to-1 Projects cost a client?

Each 1-to-1 Project is unique, so the price for the creative work is determined based on your budget and what your designer charges for the work.

As a client, you'll also have a flat 5% platform fee:

•  The platform fee covers the cost of payment processing, marketplace protection, customer support, access to a curated designer community and the ongoing development of the platform.

•  This is calculated on top of the cost of the work provided by your designer. It's also made clearly visible to you on the invoice you receive from your designer.  

Designers have separate fees for using 1-to-1 Projects. You can read what the designer fees are for 1-to-1 Projects here

Purchasing from Australia? Find out about GST here.

Find out what payment options we offer for 1-to-1 Projects here

Wondering how to invite a designer to your 1-to-1 Project? Find out about inviting here




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