What is a Logo & social media pack contest?

The Logo & social media pack category helps designers collaborate with clients on larger branding projects. Logo & social media pack contests have higher prizes and involve multiple deliverables:

  • logo design
  • Facebook cover
  • Twitter header
  • YouTube background


How the process works:

  1. Qualifying Round: The logo design is the focus in the Qualifying Round. Do not submit any other deliverables in this round.
  2. Final Round: The designer finalizes their logo, and can start submitting initial mockups on the additional deliverables.
  3. Handover: The logo design should be finished! The designer will refine and deliver logo deliverables. The winning designer then delivers the Facebook cover, Twitter header and YouTube background files.
  4. Prize released:​ Once the handover is complete, the prize is released to the designer's account.

The deliverables

We’ve created a handy set of editable PDF templates to help designers with the different file sizes:

Organization is very important in the handover phase for Logo & social media pack contests. Your final design files should be uploaded in all of the following formats:

Logo files

  • JPG, PNG
  • Vector PDF
  • Adobe Illustrator

Facebook cover files

  • JPG, PNG
  • Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator

Twitter header files

  • JPG, PNG
  • Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator

YouTube background files

  • JPG, PNG
  • Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator



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