Why does selecting finalists make my contest guaranteed?

At the end of the Qualifying round, you’ll be asked select up to 6 finalists to continue working with in the next stage of your contest, the Final round.

Proceeding to the Final Round will automatically guarantee your contest, which means you will be no longer eligible for a refund.


You’ve spent days sifting through designs, giving feedback, and having designers tweak their designs for you. By now, you should have a good feel for whether the designers in your contest have what it takes to produce a design you love.

Choosing your finalists tells us you are happy with the way things are heading, and are confident you will be able to choose a winner from the designs that have been submitted.

When a contest is guaranteed, it shows the designers you are serious about finding a winner, and they will work harder knowing you are committed to awarding the prize.


What if I’m not confident?

If you’re not sure whether you’ll be able to continue working with the designers who have submitted to your contest so far, please contact us.

Not only can we extend the Qualifying round of your contest to give you more time to receive designs, we can also suggest ways you can revise your brief to help get you and the designers on the same page.

Who cares?

The designers do. We’ve found that designers work harder for customers when they know the prize is guaranteed.

They work harder, and you get a better design. Everyone’s happy.

What if I’m not confident?

If you’re not sure whether or not your contest’s designers will be able to create a design you’ll love, contact us.

We’ll happily extend the Qualifying round of your contest, and help you give feedback that will help the designers give you what you want.

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