How do I create a white-label presentation?

To build a design presentation for a client, select the white-labelled presentation option as you launch your contest.

After launch, and once your contest has received some designs, log in to 99designs, select the contest in question, and click the Presentations tab.

That page briefly explains presentations. Click Create presentation.

You can create as many presentations as you like for your contest, so use them any time you want to show concepts to your client.

1. Select designs

The first step is to select the designs you want to show the client from the ideas submitted to your contest.

The page shows all the designs. Click the Select design checkbox at top-left of any design you want to include in your presentation.

As you do, the design will appear in the list at the top of the page.

If you make an error, you can remove a design by clicking the red and white cross icon at top-right of the selected design.

You can add as many designs as you like to a presentation. When you’ve finished choosing designs, click Continue.

2. Prepare presentation

The second step is to prepare the presentation itself. On this page you can:

  • Add your logo, or a company header to the presentation.
  • Give the presentation a title, and write a brief introduction for your client.
  • Reorder the curated designs within the presentation page, and provide a rationale for each one if you wish.

The buttons at the bottom of the page let you preview and save your presentation.

Click Continue to share your presentation.

3. Share presentation

This page gives you a link to your presentation. Click the Copy link button to copy the link so you can paste it into an email, for example.

Lastly, each presentation has no 99designs branding, and the share link is generated from a non-99designs website. White-label presentations are also complimentary through our 99designs Pro subscription. This is a great option for those who need to professionally present designs to clients to help with the selection process. 

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