What is a blind contest?

In a blind contest, designers are only able to view their own entries. They will still be able to see the star rating that appears in the bottom left-hand corner of each design, but they won’t be able to see any designs that aren’t theirs.

To launch a blind contest, you need to have already run at least one contest on 99designs. The exception to this rule is Website and App Mobile design contests. These contests go blind at launch. This is due to the amount of time designers take to design the web pages and apps, and sensitive material contest holders want inputted on their website or app.

Blind contests are a little more complicated than normal contests, so it’s best to have worked on a normal contest before you create a blind contest.

Also, designers might prefer to compete in blind contests if they’re worried about other designers copying their ideas.

Last thing to note before making your contest blind is that the blind feature can not be removed once it’s added.

If you’ve launched a contest, and you feel strongly that you want it to be blind, please feel free to contact us to make your current contest blind.

Keep in mind, once a contest is made blind, it will remain blind for the first three stages of the contest. As the contest goes into the Selecting Winner Stage, all entries will become visible to all designers.




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