How do in-contest filters work?

Easy-to-spot filters help you quickly manage your favourite designs. You can sort by individual designers, Star Rating and more! 

At the top of your contest page under the Design tab you’ll find multiple filter options:



This shows all designs that are still active in the contest (any that aren't withdrawn by the designer or declined by the client). It is sorted showing newest designs first.


All unrated designs live here. They are sorted showing newest designs first.

1-2 stars and 3-5 stars

These filters group the rated designs into 2 sets. They are sorted showing highest rated designs first.


The bin filter shows all designs that are no longer active in the contest. This includes designs that have been withdrawn by designers and declined by you. These are sorted newest first.


Quickly review the designs of each designer in the contest. You can also then sub-filter by your rankings.


You’ll also be able to see which designs have been withdrawn by a designer and you can restore a design that you have declined with the Restore button found to the bottom right of every declined design submission.

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