Prepare print ready files for clients using VistaPrint

99designs by Vista has recently updated the labels for final files in Projects. This new function allows creators to mark files as print-ready for VistaPrint so that clients can more easily identify their final print files and process their orders directly on the VistaPrint platform.

Clients in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States will have access to this feature across the following Project categories:

Where do I see the printing information from VistaPrint?

Once a client selects VistaPrint as their printing partner in the brief, it will show up as a notification in the Project Activity section.

Please download the print template and use that as the basis of your design concepts so that the Client will have the right size and format file they need when printing.


All the printing specifications will be listed in the ‘Print options’ section of the Project Overview.


How do I mark my final files as print-ready?

1. Go to the file uploader and select your files. Your final PDF files will be automatically checked by our system to ensure they match the VistaPrint printing specifications chosen by the client. 



2. If your file/s match the VistaPrint specifications provided to you for download in the Activity tab at the start of the project, a green 'Print Ready PDF' badge will appear underneath the file details.



If there is an error with your file, a red exclamation point and a message will appear with instructions on how to fix the file. You can delete the file by hitting the black ‘X’ symbol and try re-uploading once you have made the changes.

You can still proceed with uploading a file that has errors (which are only visible to you), but the file will not be labelled as 'Print ready' and the client will not be able to print it on VistaPrint.


3. For files that pass validation on upload, the file will be marked as ‘Print ready’ and ready for the client to send to VistaPrint from the file preview screen.


Who manages the print order?

After the files are uploaded and marked as ‘Print ready’, it will be up to the client to process their print order with VistaPrint. 

The client will be prompted when viewing their files to click ‘Print with VistaPrint’ to make their final print selections and process payment. 


Encountering issues with uploading your files? You can contact our friendly Designer Support Team here for assistance.

Want to know more about how VistaPrint orders work? Visit VistaPrint Support here.

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