What is required for a social media design?

Image specifications for social media sites seem to change as often as the weather. When you are working on a social media design project, it is always important to make sure you are providing the right files.

Below we've included a variety of templates for social media design. However, it is always best practice to double-check the design specifications on each social media platform before beginning work on your project. 

Design guides & cover templates



Max file size: 100KB
Acceptable formats: RGB, JPG, PNG

[Download Facebook cover template]



Max file size: 5MB
Acceptable formats: JPG, GIF, PNG

[Download the template]


linkedin_company_june2019.pngCompany page is shown above

Max file size: 4MB
Acceptable formats: PNG, JPG, GIF

[Download the Company template]
[Download the Personal template]



Max file size: 6MB
Acceptable formats: JPG, GIF, PNG

[Download the template]


Designers are expected to provide the following items at handover or in project deliverables for each social media design they have been hired to create:

  • An editable version of the final design (in layers) 
  • All web preview images (JPEG or PNG)
  • A link to purchase any commercial fonts or stock imagery used in the design
  • All files must be in RGB color and have 72dpi resolution

Remember to always double-check design specifications for each social media platform before beginning your project. For more information on social image sizes, you can also reference Sprout Social's regularly updated Social Media Cheat Sheet

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