Brand Guide - Add on Deliverable in contests

The brand guide is an optional post-contest deliverable in logo and logo & bundle pack contests at 99designs.

There are 6 essential elements to a brand style guide. We have provided templates to create your clients brand style guide but it is also important to remember to discuss with your client their unique needs as they may have different requirements or desires than what we have listed below. 

For more information, additional help and templates check out our Resource Center.

How it works

1.  Designers will see a pop-up message at the start of the final round, asking to opt in to deliver brand guide should the client choose to.

2.  At the end of a logo contest, the client will see a pop-up message offering the extra brand guide deliverable:


3.  Once the client opts for a brand guide, an additional prize will automatically be applied (on top of the logo prize). Then the winning designer is notified and required to complete all of the design work within 10 days.

Good to know

What does 99designs provide me with?
To help you get started, we supply the brand guide template in Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, PDF and InDesign formats (available here). Furthermore, we'll be asking the client to provide:

  • A short paragraph about the organization
  • The organization website, phone number & email address
  • Any existing fonts that already make up the brand (optional)
  • Any existing colors that already make up the brand (optional)
  • Anything else the client would like included in the Brand Guide (optional)

What’s the restriction with the brand guide template?
The brand guide template is there as a guideline. You are invited to customize it to make it more your own, or add and remove sections of the template depending on what the client provides you with.

What if my client doesn’t have certain information?
You can always adapt the template based on what your client already has. We strongly recommend you talk with your client first to figure out what they already have and what to include in the brand guide.

How long will it take to create a brand guide using the template?
While everyone works at a different pace, once you are comfortable with the template, it should only take you 1 - 2 hours to complete.

Do I have to provide this service?
Just like the other extra deliverables post-logo contest, you will be able to opt in or out of providing the brand guide before handover.

Brand Guide Templates can be found below and also in the resource center.


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