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What is an NFT?

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a unique digital asset stored on a blockchain* that can be sold and/or traded. NFTs can range from digital art to music, and ultimately take the form of an online creative file where the purchaser holds sole ownership. Proof of ownership of the NFT design is required to sell or exchange them on an online marketplace.


What are my options for getting an NFT design on 99designs by Vista?

You can get an NFT design by running a project directly with a designer or by launching a contest. 

A super important thing: while you are getting a design that can be turned into an NFT, 99designs by Vista does not mint NFTs, assign ownership or host any blockchain technologies.

It’s also important to know that you will receive a single design when you run a contest. If you wish to purchase multiple designs within a contest, you can award additional winners. If you want multiple variations of your NFT design, you can invite the winning designer to work on a new project. You and your designer can work out an appropriate rate and then complete the remaining variations by starting a new project.

For projects, it’s up to you and your designer to set the scope and cost. We recommend starting a project for larger NFT tasks with multiple variations, as you have more flexibility to adjust the work needed as you go.


What categories are best to get an NFT design?

Art & Illustration is the most popular category for NFT design.



For a detailed NFT illustration, it is best to launch under the Illustration or graphics category. You will receive one final design per contest.


by jasterxinan

For an NFT character design, we suggest launching under the Mascot category. The winning mascot design includes up to three poses per contest.


by HTM13™

For a 3-dimensional NFT design, our 3D category is the best option. You will receive one final design per contest.


How do I request additional versions of my NFT design?

Whether you need a few more or a hundred more, this is how you do it!

If you have completed a contest, you can invite your designer to work directly through a project. Here you can set the scope of how many extra designs you need and negotiate a rate to complete the work. 

If you have started a project, your designer can create additional invoices to compensate for any extra work on the variations.


How does copyright work with an NFT design?

Original illustrations created on 99designs can be used as an NFT design once the ownership is transferred through the DTA (Design Transfer Agreement). Once the design is transferred under your name, you will have the right to convert it into an NFT and advertise it on an online marketplace that hosts blockchain technologies. Remember, converting a design into an NFT cannot be done on 99designs.


Having trouble deciding between a contest or a project for your NFT design? Unsure what category is best suited for your NFT design? Contact our friendly Support Team to help guide you!


For more information on NFT designs, how they work and their impact on the creative industries, visit our 99designs blog here for further reading. 


*A blockchain is a digital ledger that stores data and ultimately records any information on cryptocurrency. 

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