What is 99designs?

Welcome to 99designs! We’re the global creative platform that makes it easy for designers and clients to work together to create designs they love.

99designs is for anyone who needs custom design and for talented designers seeking quality projects. Our tried-and-true creative process helps clients and designers connect and collaborate on logos, business cards, t-shirts, websites and more. 

When you need a design, we have two ways to work with our design community.

Hire a designer

Start a contest

We'll help you hire a designer from our 99designs community, so you can collaborate together closely on your design brief. Our Designer Search tool connects you directly to designers in over 90 skill sets who meet your style requirements, skill level, availability, languages and more.

Once you have selected a designer, you’ll explain your project requirements in a creative brief and negotiate the price. Rates vary by designer and project. You can also request quotes from multiple designers.

We recommend working directly with designers when you have a clear idea of the style and art direction of your project.

A design contest opens your project to our global design community. Designers submit concepts based on your creative brief, and you select the design you love most. Contests are a great opportunity to work with several designers before you establish an ongoing relationship with your favorite.

We have contest packages for every budget. Typically, the more you spend on a package, the more concepts you'll get.

We recommend contests if you want to explore different ideas and styles for your project from different designers. If you need a logo, we’ve found that contests are usually the best option.

No matter how you work on 99designs, you’ll always:

  • Work with talented designers from all over the world
  • Get access to 24/7 client support
  • Be able to make safe, secure payments
  • Own the copyright to your design
  • Have unlimited design storage

Got questions about your project? Contact our friendly support team to see how we can help get you the design you love.

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