Why can't I get my site coded on 99designs?

Designing a website and writing the code for a website are two separate tasks, and each requires separate tools and skills.

We believe that requiring designers to write HTML and CSS in addition to creating the look and feel of your website limits the amount of talented graphic designers that could be participating on our site. While there are designers out there with the ability to both design and code, there are significantly more designers who only know how to do the design aspect, and we want you to have the option to take advantage of their expertise as well!

Imagine you were building a house. Sure, you might be able to find someone who can throw the whole thing together top to bottom, but you’d be far more comfortable if you hired specialist architects, carpenters, and plumbers to work on each distinct aspect your home.

It’s the same with building a website -- those who specialize in pushing pixels in Photoshop don’t necessarily have the skills to make their designs into HTML code. Some do, but most don’t.

99designs partners with a couple of coding companies who are experts in WordPress, HTML, CSS and other technologies. To request an obligation-free coding quote for your design, select ‘I would like a 99designs coding partner to contact me’ at step 2 of the contest launch process. Alternatively, you can use your own developer if you have one!

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