How do I use the designer search tool?

The designer search tool is a database of all the designers currently working on 99designs. Designers can be filtered by design category, level, recent activity, search terms, etc. You can use this tool to easily source new designers either for 1-to-1 projects or to invite to open contests. 

Step 1

Access our designer search tool by clicking on "Designers" at the top of almost any page on 99designs, and then click "Find new designers."



Step 2

Narrow down your search by using the various filters on the left side to find the perfect designer!



Step 3

You can now do two things:

  1.  Click on a designer’s name to view more of their portfolio or...
  2.  Click "Invite" to go through the invitation process. You're able to invite the designer to start a 1-to-1 project with you, and/or invite them to an open contest you have.



You can learn more about initiating a 1-to-1 project here.

And you can learn more about inviting someone to your contest here!


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