When and how do I report a contest?

You should report any contest that you see breaking the 99designs user guidelines. This way, you can help keep 99designs a great community for both designers and clients.

These are the main problems we’d like you to report to us:

1.  Wrong category: Sometimes clients need a little help knowing where their contest fits. Please let us know when a client has gotten it wrong and we’ll fix it.

2.  Non-design requests: If you see any contests asking for services we don’t provide (such as business naming, slogan/tagline copywriting or, coding/development work), please report them — even if some designers are willing to provide the extra service. 

3.  Too many deliverables: This is not allowed, even if some designers are willing to complete more than one task for the contest. Please report these contests and we’ll work with the client to create a fair and reasonable contest.

4.  Handover: Client unresponsive or payment yet to be released? Those are just a couple examples of issues you can report under this topic which is for all things handover related. 

5.  Potential fraud: If anything about a contest strikes you as a little odd, let us know. It may be something in the brief, a comment on the contest, or maybe there’s something not right about the selected winner. Whatever it is, we will get to the bottom of it.

Remember, these issues should be handled privately by a 99designs Admin. Please do not reach out directly to the client about any of these problems — that will only to lead to damaged reputations and refunded contests. 

Please fill out this following form or scroll down for the link to the form.

You can report the contest by filling out this online form.
Or you can use this link.

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