What are blind and private contests?

Blind contests are intended to protect designers; private contests are intended to protect the privacy of customers.

When browsing contests, you can also check if a contest is blind or private.

A blind contest is indicated by a crossed-out eye icon on the contest listing.

In a blind contest, no one is able to see the entries in a contest except for the customer. Designers will only see their own designs and people browsing the site won’t see any of the designs at all.

In blind contests, designers can express their creativity more freely, and without worrying about protecting their original concepts. All website design contests are blind by default, and other contests are made blind if the customer requests it.

Once a contest has been made blind, it will remain blind for the duration of the contest. As soon as the contest ends, all entries will become visible to everyone using the site.

A private contest is indicated by a padlock icon next to the prize amount at the top right of the contest page.

Customers can upgrade their contest to be private if they’re worried about competitors or others knowing what they’re working on.

Private contests:

  • are protected by a non-disclosure agreement (or NDA) that you must agree to in order to view the contest details
  • can’t be indexed by search engines.

Designs you submit to a private contest can’t be uploaded to your folio.

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