What is a held contest?

Contests that are on hold are like locked contests except the customer can resume the contest on their own.

When do contests go on hold?

There is a certain amount of time to select the contest finalists and winner. If that time expires, and the customer has not chosen finalists or a winner, then the contest goes on hold.

For example

At the end of the qualification round, the customer has four days to choose finalists. If the deadline expires before the customer chooses finalists, the contest is put on hold. 

If your contest is on hold you can resume it by doing the following:

Click 'Resume contest', as shown below.  This will resume the contest for 24 hours.



If you resume the contest but do not make a decision within the 24 hour period, the competition will go back on hold.

You can resume 3 times, but after the third time it will lock. The contest will also lock if it is on hold for 14 days after the Review Period. 

To unlock your contest, please contact our friendly support team to help you move forward. 


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