How do I guarantee my design contest?

Guaranteeing your contest is a great tool to help attract more attention from the design community and increase participation.

By guaranteeing the prize money that you’ve put on offer it promises that a winner will be selected and as such, we’re not able to offer refunds on guaranteed contests so here’s a few tips to make sure it’s for you.

Your brief

Is one of the most essential items to running a great contest as it has lots of useful information on styles you like, things to avoid and general information about what your company does. This will help the initial concepts that come through be as close as they can be and you can use your contest to refine with the best designs until you’re ready to pick a winner! For more tips on writing a great brief, check out this handy help page.

Your feedback 

In all shapes and forms is vital to getting a great result. Feel free to decline designs you don’t quite like or don’t meet your brief, use the star ratings to rank and give designers a feeling for where they sit in the contest and reserve private comments for anything that shows potential. Designers are wanting to work with you and are very personable. They can also see how much feedback you’re providing and will use it as a gauge as to whether they’ll enter.

It’s always a great idea to have some entries submitted to your contest. If you’re ever unsure about whether this option is a good idea for your contest feel free to get some advice from our Support Team.

If you're ready to make your contest Guaranteed, follow the instructions below:

1.  Click the "..." button on the upper right side of your contest page

2.  Select "Guarantee Prize" 

3.  Read the prompt on the next page and click "Guarantee your contest" 

**NOTE: This is a permanent change that cannot be undone** 


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