Which package should I choose for my contest?

At 99designs, you can choose a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum package for your design contest.

Which package is right for you?

In choosing your package, think about how much experience you have briefing and working with designers, and how much feedback you’ll be able to give each one. The more you put into your contest, the more you’ll get out. Also ask yourself:

  • What level of design quality and variety do you need? Packages with bigger prizes tend to attract better designers, and get more designs.
  • How much effort are you able to put into running the contest and directing designers?
    • Bronze and Silver packages are great for people working on a budget. They’re open to all designers and you should keep in mind that you’ll need to put more work into attracting and curating designers to get more out of these contests.
    • The Gold package allows you to work with Mid and Top Level designers, who are more experienced and pre-vetted for quality.
    • The Platinum package allows you to work with our highest quality Top Level designers and also comes with a dedicated Account Manager.
  • How many designers do you want to compete in your contest? Designers look for contests to enter based on the prize amount and tend to put more time and effort into contests with larger prizes.
  • What are other businesses offering as prizes for their contests?
  • How much support would you like from 99designs? If you’ve never worked with designers before, our Platinum packages include an account manager who’ll work with you to make your contest as successful as possible.

You can choose the package you want as part of our online briefing process. Each package costs a different price, and gives you different features. Generally, the more you pay:

  • the bigger the designer prize
  • the more designs you’ll get to choose from
  • the better the quality of designs you’ll get.

Specific pricing below will depend on the design product from our categories.


You can also name your own price, so long as it’s above the Bronze package price for your chosen design category. To do that, click the I want to create a custom package link below the packages in step 3 of the launch process.


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