Using Browse Projects

What is Browse Projects?

Browse Projects allows designers to opt-in for projects shared by clients. When a new project is started, certain projects are posted on Browse Projects and paid upfront by the client.

As a designer, you can find the Browse Projects list under the ‘Your Work’ section of your 99designs account. Alternatively, you can review all live job posts here and determine which ones you are interested in. When exploring the different projects, ensure that you use the date, package & industry filters to help narrow down your search.

To view a project, click ‘View’ next to the project's title. Each listing also shows your total earnings for completing the project successfully. It’s important to note that client introduction fees or platform fees are included in the project total. 


To help make your project search a little easier, you can also click the ‘trash can’ icon to show us that you’re not interested in a particular job and why. This will help our team gain a greater understanding of your project preferences.

Expressing interest in a project

When you express interest in a project, you’ll have the opportunity to customize some information that will give the client more information about you and why they should select you for their project.


The first step is to add a completely optional custom pitch. This is a brief message that the client will see when browsing through designers who expressed interest in their project. The pitch is a great opportunity for you to call out similar previous work, talk about your ways of working, and explain what excites you about the project brief.


You can then customize which four work samples you want to display to the client. We will automatically select four relevant samples (we automatically select samples that match the category and industry tags on the project brief). If you’re happy with these samples, you can click ‘Next’ to move forward. Otherwise, you can rearrange the samples or choose entirely new ones from your portfolio.

Before submitting your finalized expression of interest, you can review your ‘Designer Card.’ This is what the client will see when making their selection. If you’re unhappy with either the pitch or the work samples, you can go back to the previous steps to update them.

What do clients see when I express interest in their project?

We will send the client a notification that you are expressing interest in their project.

When the client returns to 99designs to review designer expressions of interest, they will see each designer’s Designer Card.

The main thing the client will see are your portfolio samples and your custom pitch. We recommend keeping your portfolio lean and focused, so clients have a clear understanding of your skillset. Remember that your top four relevant samples automatically rise to the top, but you can completely customize what samples are displayed during the expression-of-interest process. Because of this, it’s best to showcase a small number of high-quality designs for each category in your portfolio. This will also help you stand out among other designers who express interest in the same projects.

What happens once I’m selected?

Once you have been chosen as the designer, you will receive a notification to review your new project.

Here, you can introduce yourself and start collaborating!
If you encounter any issues with your client, you can always contact our Designer Support Team by email for tips and guidance.

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