How do I invite an off-site client to a 1-to-1 Project?

If there is a client that you would like to bring onto the 99designs platform, you can invite them to work with you in two simple steps:

  1. Go to Your clients and click Invite by email
  2. From here, you can invite your client to a new 1-to-1 Project using their email address

What happens if my client has an existing 99designs account?

When you invite a client with an existing 99designs account, your invitation will automatically start the project through that account.

If you don't know whether your client has an account, check the username at the top of the project:


If you see a username and it is clickable, your client already has an account with 99designs. 

What happens if my client is new to 99designs?

If your client is new to 99designs, they will be notified by email and will need to sign up on 99designs to accept your project invitation.

You can check whether your client is a member by looking at the username at the top of the project:


If the username is an email address and the link is not clickable, your client will need to sign up on 99designs. 


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