How do I "Theme-ify" a logo?

99designs by Vista offers clients the opportunity to get an existing logo updated for holidays, events, or special promotions. We call it “Theme-ify your logo.” Maybe they want a Santa hat 🎅 added to their mascot for their holiday promotions. Maybe they'd like their logo colored red and some hearts 💘 added for Valentine's Day. Clients can choose a single theme package or a 3-pack that allows them to get 3 "theme-fied" versions of their existing logo.

The most important thing to note is that you should not create new logos for these projects. The required deliverable is a version of the client's existing logo with holiday or special elements added to it.

How do I find these projects?

These projects are found on the Browse Projects page, under the “Logo design” category. If there are any available, you'll see the label “Theme-ify your logo" under the button to view the brief:



What themes do clients request?

Clients are welcome to request any kind of theme they want. For example, they may want to get a special version of their logo for an upcoming local event they are sponsoring (like a marathon or other fundraiser). But, no matter what theme they choose, they must provide their existing logo to be edited. They may not request a totally new logo design. 

Here are some examples of holidays that clients may request an updated logo for:

January - Lunar New Year :red_gift_envelope:
February - Valentine’s Day :heart_decoration: & International Women’s Day :woman_astronaut:
March - St.Patrick’s Day :four_leaf_clover: & Easter :rabbit:
April - Earth Day :earth_africa: & Eid al-Fitr ☪️

June - Eid al-Adha 🕌

September - Rosh Hashanah 🍎🍯
October - Halloween :jack_o_lantern:
November -Diwali :diya_lamp: & Thanksgiving (USA only) :turkey:
December - Hanukkah :menorah: & Christmas :santa:

Or they may just want some seasonal updates, giving their logo a Summer, Autumn, Winter, or Spring makeover.



Original logo provided by the client (left). Autumn-themed logo by Binetht (right).



Original logo provided by the client (left). St. Patrick's Day theme by Graphz Real™ (right).


What should I do if a client requests a new logo, more than one theme, or other out-of-scope work?

If the client is requesting a totally new logo in their brief, we recommend that you contact our support team to report an out-of-scope request. If you are interested in the project, another option is to express interest, but let the client know in your initial message that a new logo would require an additional payment. If you're selected for the project, you can then negotiate a fair rate for a logo design and add an invoice to the existing project. You should not create a totally new logo without additional compensation.

If a client requests more themes than they purchased or additional work outside the scope of the package, you should negotiate a fair rate for that work and add an invoice to the existing project.


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