How do I get certified for Squarespace projects?

Squarespace has partnered with 99designs to help their customers quickly and easily find and work with design and development experts through Squarespace Marketplace. In order to be matched with these projects, designers must earn a special certification from Squarespace. This certification process is currently invite-only. In order to be eligible to receive an invitation, you must be a member of Squarespace's expert community called Circle and have built 8 Squarespace websites in the previous year. 

Why is a Circle membership required for certification?

For years, Squarespace has been curating and providing resources to their developer and design community. Members of Circle get special access to tools, perks, resources, training, and product updates so they can provide excellent service and support to Squarespace clients. Joining Circle is free, the only requirement is that you have created at least three Squarespace websites. Not only does being in Circle help you stay up-to-date on Squarespace's products and best practices, but there are also other perks like extended free trials, the ability to offer Squarespace discounts to your clients, and more. Sign up for Circle membership here 

I'm already a member of Circle. What's next?

The Squarespace team pays close attention to marketplace dynamics and only brings in new Experts when there's sufficient customer demand. As needed, the team invites Circle members who have built at least eight websites in a previous twelve-month period. Once you have hit this metric, you're eligible to receive an invite. In the meantime, we recommend ​reviewing their FAQ if you have not already. 

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