Managing your Wix website

99designs by Vista has now partnered with Wix to offer multiple packages to build your own website. By starting a project, you can be matched with a Wix professional to design & maintain a high-quality website.

Although you will purchase your Wix package and work with your Wix Professional on 99designs, your website will be designed and hosted directly on the Wix website. 

How do I create a Wix account?

You can create a Wix account here

How do I grant my Wix professional access to my site?

Instructions on how to change Wix permissions can be found here. Steps to invite your professional to collaborate can also be located here.

Can I edit my Wix x 99designs website myself?

Yes, once the project is completed you will be able to edit your website yourself directly on the Wix website.

Can I cancel at any time?

For an ongoing Wix project, if you are experiencing issues you can contact our Support Team for further guidance on your options. 

If you have launched your Wix site and wish to cancel your plan, you can review Wix’s refund policy here.

To learn more about our Wix packages and how to get matched with a Wix professional, click here.

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