Sending print-ready files to VistaPrint

99designs by Vista has recently updated the labels for final files in Projects. This new function allows creators to mark files as print-ready for VistaPrint, and for clients to process their orders directly on the VistaPrint platform.

Users in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States will have access to this feature across the following Project categories:

What do ‘print-ready files’ mean?

Print-ready refers to a PDF file that has been correctly formatted for print and matches the product you chose in the project brief. 

All edits are complete, but you should still review your design for any errors before sending it to VistaPrint for purchase and delivery.

How do I send my files to VistaPrint for printing?

To use VistaPrint as your printing partner, follow these steps:

1. In the design brief, select the formatting options* for your print order under the heading "Print with VistaPrint".


2. Complete the rest of the design brief as normal

3. Your Project will be created, and your creator will be notified that the designs will be printed through VistaPrint. A print template with the correct sizing and guidelines will also be provided to the creator.


4. To review your selections from the brief, your print options will be listed in the ‘Overview’ section of your Project under 'Print with VistaPrint'.


5. Once you have decided on a final concept with your creator, they will upload the final files and mark them as ‘Print ready’. Please review your design for any errors like spelling mistakes or incorrect text content.


6. Next, you can open the file preview of your design and click ‘Print with VistaPrint’ to start your print order. The preview image on the right of the page is what the first page of your design will look like when printed. You will also have another chance to review for any spelling or design mistakes after clicking Print with VistaPrint before paying for your order.


7. You will be redirected to VistaPrint to process your print order.


8. If you are already logged in to your VistaPrint account, you will be taken directly to the post-design review step where you can configure final options and quantity of your order. If you are not logged in, or do not have a VistaPrint account, you will need to create one first.


9. Complete each step to make your final print selection


10. Complete the order through inputting your postal and payment details


If you encounter any issues with your print order or want to learn more about how printing works, you can visit VistaPrint Support here.

*Formatting and printing options will differ between design categories

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