Granting Square Online access to Experts

Square sellers looking to hire an Expert for help designing their Square Online site are responsible for completing two tasks before any work can begin.

  1. Activate Square Online from your Square dashboard
  2. Grant Square Online access to your Expert

Activate Square Online

To activate Square Online, start by logging into your account at If you do not have Square account, you will need to create one now

After you've logged in, locate and click the Online button on the menu to the left of your dashboard. Now that you've activated Square Online, it is now discoverable by your Expert when they proceed to request access from you.  




Grant Square Online access

When your project is kicked off, the first thing your Expert will do is request access to your Square Online. They will request access using the email address you've provided (the one registered to your Square account) which will send the following email to your inbox:



*Try checking your spam folder if you're unable to locate the request email.

When you've clicked the Accept Request button, you'll be taken to the following screen acknowledging you've granted access to the Expert:



You will also receive a confirmation email. Be sure to keep track of this email since you'll need to return to it to revoke access from the Expert once your project is complete.


You're now set to move forward with your Square Online project!

If you run into any issues receiving the Access Request email, you can alternatively add the Expert to your team in order to to share Square Online access. More on that here.



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