Can I upload my own terms to a project?

Before starting work on a project, designers and clients can use the Activity tab to discuss project scope and outline any custom terms.

Both parties are free to add custom terms on top of 99designs' default Design Transfer Agreement, which states that (in most circumstances) any separate agreements between you and your client will take precedence.

For example, if you want to specifically call out ownership of intellectual property (IP) concerning custom elements you’ve included as part of your design, you are able to do so.

How to add custom terms to a project

Upload your additional terms in PDF or DOC format to the project prior to payment being secured:


In this example, the designer uploaded their own specific terms in a PDF that they’ve asked the client to agree to before proceeding.


Remember: Always keep important communication about your project on 99designs, so that our team can effectively mediate should any disputes arise concerning your agreement.


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