What is a client introduction fee?

Building a reliable client roster can be a huge pain (and a necessity if you want to keep your business afloat). 99designs lets you skip the networking events and marketing efforts by bringing new clients and projects directly to you.

The client introduction fee helps cover costs including promoting designers on- and off-platform, search engine optimization, paid advertising, investment in designer/client search and matching algorithms, and other initiatives dedicated to driving direct work to you.

Designers are responsible for paying this fee. As with any freelance project, the total quoted price sent to your client should cover any additional costs of doing business (such as your 99designs fees, insurance, taxes, utilities, etc).

How is the fee structured?

To ensure you retain more of your earnings upfront, the client introduction fee deducts 20% from the first $500 of paid invoices with a new client, with a maximum fee of $100 total.


When is the client introduction fee waived?

You will not pay this introduction fee if:

  • you won or were a finalist in a contest with this client
  • the client has never previously used 99designs and you invited them to a 1-to-1 Project using the email invitation feature.


Wondering how our top designers handle the process of quoting and recouping fees? More info on how to provide a good quote here.

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