What is a platform fee?

Chasing down invoices, finding the right projects and dealing with unhappy clients can be a time-consuming part of running your own business. 99designs handles those logistics so you can focus on designing something great.

The platform fee is split between clients and designers to help cover the 1-to-1 Project costs of secure payment holds, dispute resolution, community curation, anti-fraud measures, payout processing, educational resources and the ongoing development of the platform.

For each 1-to-1 Project, the client pays a fixed 5% platform fee and the designer pays a separate platform fee based on their designer level.

How is the designer platform fee structured?

As you gain more experience on 99designs, you'll need less assistance from us. Therefore, we reward our most experienced designers by lowering the fee as you level up:

  • Top Level designers: 5% platform fee
  • Mid Level designers: 10% platform fee
  • Entry Level designers: 15% platform fee

Do I need to explain the platform fee to my client?

No. A line item for the client’s 5% platform fee will automatically be included in the quote, along with an explanation of what this fee is and what it covers.


 * The client introduction fee is only applied to the first $500 of paid invoices with new clients


Wondering how our top designers handle the process of quoting and recouping fees? More info on how to provide a good quote here.

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