What is the best way to create a quote for 1-to-1 Projects?

After coming to an agreement on important project details with your client, you’re ready to create your quote.

99designs has various fees for using the 1-to-1 Projects platform and the costs incurred can be unique to each project. As such, we highly recommend using the “Create a quote” page to calculate what amount to quote your clients. By rolling these fees into the total quoted amount, you can have the certainty of earning your ideal compensation for work.


Clients will see their platform fee when viewing the quote, so including your platform fee and client introduction fee plus the other costs of doing business into your total quoted price eliminates awkward or confusing conversations with your clients about pricing.

With the quote page’s real-time calculator, you can modify price amounts in the quote to figure out exactly what to charge your clients while also seeing the total amount you earn after designer fees have been applied.


 If you'd like help calculating fees for specific projects, including the final price your client would pay after their platform fee is applied, you can use this Google Sheet to experiment with different invoice amounts.

This Sheet is "view-only." You must make a copy of it in order to edit for your personal use.


Working on a large project? Specify deliverables using the payment release feature.

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