How do I run a successful Platinum design contest

If you're wondering why it's beneficial to go to the Platinum level when running a design contest, look no further. 

Running a Platinum contest means that you will only work with Top Level designers who have been qualified by 99designs as the best in our design community. Working with the best is fantastic and definitely sets you up for success, but as you might already know, running a design contest is a collaborative effort between yourself and the designers. 

Below are 3 key pointers to ensure a successful Platinum Contest! 

1.  Be specific in your design brief

•  If you can – tell them exactly what you’re looking for, and give them examples. 

•  If you're not completely sure how to describe what you want, give a clear idea of how you want people to feel and or react when seeing your brand collateral. That will provide the designers with enough initially to start on a draft for you and or ask questions. 

•  Try breaking up your information into an outlined format rather than long paragraphs. This helps the designers to easily read through your requirements and quickly get started on their design concept for you. 

•  Utilizing visual inspiration is key!  We know it can be hard to describe what you're looking for. Sometimes you don't know what you want until you see it.  If you really aren't sure how to describe in words what you're looking for, head over to Pinterest or Google to start gathering visual inspiration. Then attach it to your brief which helps the designers get started on the right foot!

2.  Feedback

•  Design contests are definitely collaborative. The designers need both positive and constructive feedback from you, which allows them to easily work in collaboration with you to bring your brands' vision to life. 

•  There are a handful of primary ways to leave feedback for your designers. Take a few minutes to learn about them here

3.  Utilizing your 99designs Platinum Account Manager

•  99designs provides you with an Account Manager who will assist you throughout the 99designs Platinum design contest process. 

•  Our Account Managers are Sr., tenured 99'ers who are truly committed to the success of your design contest.

•  Your Account Manager will reach out to you within 24 hours (during business days) of starting your contest. From there, you can email or call them with any questions. 

•  We thrive on bringing people together and creating human connections. So really, if you need some advice, or have a question - reach out to your Account Manager! It's almost as good as having a personal assistant. 




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