How do I give feedback to the designers in my contest?

You can give designers feedback in a number of ways:

  • Leave a comment. This is the most important and productive way of leaving feedback, as it allows you to interact with the designers and provide guidance. Tell designers if their design is going in the right direction, and how they can improve their submission.

TIP: if you need help constructing feedback for a design, you can use our handy feedback suggestions. They appear below the text field when you’re viewing a design in full-screen. Click on a suggestion and edit or add to it. These suggestions change depending on the rating you’ve given the design.

 Feedback suggestions appear when there are no comments on the design yet. 1_suggested_text.png

Choose your feedback


Add any requests or critique and send your message to the designer


  • Rate their designs. This gives designers an indication of what you do and don’t like. Just roll your cursor over the stars below each design thumbnail image, and click the rating you’d like to give. 

TIP: be honest when rating your designs. Save the top ratings for designs that really nail it!

  • Decline designs from the contest. This lets designers know that the specific design wasn’t what you were looking for. If you’d like to decline a lot of entries from one designer, you can eliminate them from your contest. Designers appreciate your honesty and if you’re certain they’re not what you’re looking for, it’s better for them to spend their time on other work.
  • Leave public comments to all contest participants in the Messages area of your contest.
  • Use the Annotation tool to give a visual reference to the designers about any changes that you would like completed to the designs.



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