How do I give feedback to the designers in my contest?

We have developed a variety of tools that allow you to easily provide feedback on the designs in your design contest.

Each is listed below, and most have a link that will take you to instructions for that specific tool. 

1.  Commenting & Messaging designers

Public Comments: You can do this publically to easily communicate something to all designers. 

-  Leave public comments to all contest participants in the Messages area of your contest.

Private Comments: Or, you can do this privately to provide more in-depth 1 on 1 guidance to a designer. 

-  Leaving comments is a great way to provide longer directions & guidance to your designer. Tell designer if their design is going in the right direction, and use the other two feedback tools to explain how they can improve their submission.

2. Annotations

The Annotation tool allows you to leave a comment directed to a specific area of the designer's concept.

3.  Design markup tool

Use the design markup tool to draw directions on the design for designers. 

4.  Give their designs a Star Rating

This gives designers an overall indication of how you are feeling about their concepts. Just roll your cursor over the stars below each design thumbnail image, and click the rating you'd like to give.

TIP: be honest when rating your designs. Save the top ratings for designs that really nail it!

5.  Decline designs from the contest

This lets designers know that the specific design wasn’t what you were looking for. If you’d like to decline a lot of entries from one designer, you can eliminate them from your contest. Designers appreciate your honesty and if you’re certain they’re not what you’re looking for, it’s better for them to spend their time on other work.




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