How do I use the Annotation tool?

Leaving feedback is a great way to convey changes you’d like to see to the designs you’re receiving in your contest. We understand that leaving feedback for visual design isn’t always the easiest thing to do with written text, which is why we’ve come up with a tool to help you communicate with your designers, the Annotation tool.

The Annotation tool is a great way to provide feedback that relates to specific elements within the designer's design. Here’s a step-by-step guide on using the tool… 

  1. Click on the design you’d like to leave feedback for to bring up a fullscreen view.
  2. Click anywhere on the design to leave a comment on and relating to a specific part of the design.

  1. The comments you make will be indicated by orange dots. These comments can be viewed by clicking the dots on the design, or by viewing them in the feed to the right side of the screen.

Pro Tip:  
If you leave a lot of comments you may find that the design becomes cluttered with Annotations and the design itself may become hard to see. If this happens you can toggle the annotations on and off by clicking the switch above the design.

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