How to markup a design to provide feedback

Being able to draw directly on a design makes it super easy for a designer to follow revision requests. Click on the pencil icon to sketch your feedback directly on the design!

This works really well with the annotation tool. Using both, you're able to provide pinpointed visual & written feedback on a specific part of the design. 

There's also an undo button for whoopsies, because everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

Check out the gif below to see how it looks in action! 




Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Click on a design to view it full screen as shown in the gif above. 

2. Click the pencil icon located above the design.  

3. Now you're able to use your mouse to draw on the design. 

4. Switch to the annotation tool by clicking the "comment" icon above the design. 

5. Use your mouse to click directly on a part of the design. 

6. Now leave a comment that tells the designer what you would like changed. 

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