How often are notifications sent?

There are typically three options for notification frequency. By default, your account will have our recommended frequency applied to each notification type.


Emails in this category are sent as soon as possible. There are a couple of notification types that are set to instant by default, because we know that generally people would like to hear this information as soon as it happens.

There also some important messages that will be sent instantly and the frequency cannot be changed.



This frequency is great for keeping in the loop of your work, but with a smaller volume of emails. We listen for notifications on your behalf, and then group them into an email that is sent every so often.


Be careful when you switch a notification type to this setting, because it will cut those emails off for you completely. You can adjust your settings at any time, so it’s okay to change your mind.



Pro Tips

Designers – Learn more about how to customize your notifications here

Clients – Learn more about how to customize your notifications here


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