How do I invite a designer to join my contest?

Sending invitations will help you connect with great designers whose work you like, and encourage them to submit designs to your contest.

You’re allocated 50 designer invitations every 24 hours. Here’s how to use them:

  • Go to our Discover page to browse through thousands of beautiful designs created by our designer community.

  • Click on "show filters" to filter by type of design, industry, and even keywords:


  • When you see a design you love, click on the designer's username:


  • Browse through their folio.

  • If you feel they would do well in your contest, click the orange Invite to Work button:

  • Write a short, personalized invitation to the designer asking them to submit to your contest. A link to your contest will automatically be included in your invitation:

Sending invitations is a great way to get attention from designers you think would do well in your contest!

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