How do I become a Top Level designer?

99designs is all about creating opportunities for designers to grow. So we created a higher-priced, Platinum package exclusively for the most talented, professional and hard-working designers on 99designs.

Platinum contests are unique because:

  • Top Level designers are hand-picked by 99designs.
  • Top Level designers can still compete in all other contests.
  • they have the largest prizes.
  • all finalists in Platinum contests will be paid 15% of the total prize.
  • winners in Platinum contests will be paid both the first prize + 15% of the total prize. 

Top Level designers are well-respected within the 99designs community. They are often featured on our global blog, the first to test out exciting new features, they get a nice Top Level badge on their portfolios, and much more. 

The requirements to become Top Level
The first step is to really focus on producing great designs. In addition to this, we offer Top Level status to designers who: 

As of December 1, 2017, all non-Top Level designers must have at least 5 repeat clients and a minimum client review score of 4.5 to apply for Top Level. These requirements must be met in addition to demonstrating an expert level of our criteria. 

  • This update will not affect Top Level designers retroactively. Those who do not meet the new requirements and/or were promoted to Top Level before December 1st, 2017 will not lose their Top Level status.
  • We will make exceptions and promote designers to Top Level if they have an exceptional offsite portfolio that shows considerable experience.

We actively review designers for Top Level status daily. If you follow the above requirements on a regular basis, you can be sure we'll take notice!

Additionally, Designers may apply for a level review every 6 months if they meet certain criteria. Once we receive your application we’ll review it and notify you of their decision. Designers may not apply outside of the application periods. More information on applying to increase your designer level.

Examples of Top Level-level work:

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