How do I sign the Design Transfer Agreement?

You’ll sign the Design Transfer Agreement in the Design Handover stage.

1.  After your designer has provided you with your finished design files, check the box ‘I agree to the Design Transfer Agreement’.

*Before signing the Design Transfer Agreement, it's a good idea to ensure you have the files you need and they are formatted properly



2.  After you tick the 'I Agree' box, a drop-down will appear where you can type the information that will be used for the Design Transfer Agreement. Please ensure that your name and address are correct.

*If you are signing the agreement on behalf of a company, you may enter the company’s name in the Full Name field. 


3. Completing the Design Handover process... Go ahead and click ‘Approve files and release payment’.
After this button is clicked you will have complete ownership of the finished design files, because the files are approved and the designer is paid.  
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