Can I award more than one winner?

If you decide you’d like to buy more than one of the submitted designs, you can!  

You can choose multiple winning designs at a discounted rate.  All winners still receive the full prize payout — 99designs absorbs the cost of the discount.  

You will see the price for these additional designs on your contest page.  


You can also see the additional cost by hovering your mouse over the package(platinum, gold, silver, bronze etc.) at the top of the contest to see the price of additional winners.


Alternatively, contact us to find out how much it costs to award multiple winners in your contest.  

You will receive the files and the copyright for each one of the designs you choose.  

To award multiple winners, you can add each one when you are ready to award your first winner or simply return to your contest and select another winner if you have previously selected a winner.  You can repeat this for each design that you would like to award.



We'll prompt you to pay the additional prize money each time you award extra winners.  

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