What is the Design Handover and how does it work?

The Design Handover is the stage where you and the designer sign the Design Transfer Agreement and your designer transfers the finished design files to you.
You and the designer will have *5 days to confirm the files the designer uploads are correct. You can also use this time to work through any revisions you might need before they receive the prize money. 
* This period will be 10 days for the following contest types: Logo & hosted website, Logo & brand identity pack, Logo & social media pack
How do I enter the Design Handover?
After you click to award a winning design, the designer is notified, and you will have successfully entered the Design Handover period. 
How does the designer provide me with files and copyright?
Immediately after you click to award the winning design, your designer is notified. They will either message you with any questions, or upload files for you to review.
• Note: The designer uploading files to the Design Handover initiates the 5 day timer
How do I review the files the designer sends me?
Each time your designer uploads a file for you to review in the Design Handover, you will be notified via email.
To review the files, you can click to preview or click to download them directly to your computer. (Note: downloading them does not release the payment.) This is done directly from the handover page as seen below:
What if I need Revisions?
If you need revisions, you can request them from the designer by sending them a message:
1. Click  the 'messages' tab 
2. Describe what you would like to see changed
-  This is also the place where you can communicate together about everything to do with the winning design(s)
Approving the files & Signing the Design Transfer Agreement
Note: Everything will automatically be approved if the *5 day timer runs out. See the instructions below to properly accept everything the designer has provided: 
2.  If you want to approve the files before the timer runs out you can do this by clicking 'Approve files and Release Payment' at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, as mentioned above, this automatically happens when the *5 day timer runs out.


How do I access my design files and the Design Transfer Agreement at a later time?

1. We'll email you each time a file is uploaded to the Handover Page for you to review. 

2.  You can also access your files/design handover, as well as your signed copy of the Design Transfer Agreement, at any time through the main contest page by clicking the 'View Files' button. (see screenshot below)



How do I leave a review for my designer? 




Pro Tips: 

1.  We understand that some designs can take a little longer than 5 days to complete. If the process is taking a little longer than expected, please contact Customer Support to request more time before the prize money is released.

2.  You can work with your winning designer again privately through our 1-1 Projects product by clicking 'Inquire about new work' while in the 'Messages' tab as shown below: 



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