What is the Design Handover and how does it work?

The Design Handover is the stage where you and the designer sign the Design Transfer Agreement and your designer transfers the finished design files to you.
  1. The first step after awarding a winner will be to wait for your winning designer to upload the finished design files. Your winning designer will be notified as soon as they have been awarded as the winner and will begin uploading the finished files to the Handover page at their earliest convenience.

  1. Once the designer uploads a file to your handover, you’ll have 5 days (10 days for Logo & hosted website, Logo & brand identity pack, Logo & social media pack contests) to review the files and to request any minor changes or revisions that you may need. Requesting changes/revisions can be done easily using the Messages tab on the Design Handover page.


  1. You can monitor the time until the money is released on the Handover page.

Note: We understand that some designs can take a little longer than 5 days to complete. If the process is taking a little longer than expected, please contact Customer Support to request more time before the prize money is released.
  1. After you’ve ensured that you have everything that you need, check the box ‘I agree to the Design Transfer Agreement’ and click on the ‘APPROVE FILES AND RELEASE PAYMENT’ button to transfer ownership of the design into your name and to release the prize payment to your winning designer.


  1. After you’ve released the prize, you’ll have the opportunity to leave a testimonial for the winning designer. To leave a testimonial, simply click on ‘Please review your designer’ on the Handover page. The testimonial will be featured in the designer’s portfolio on our site.


  1. At the end of your contest you will also be presented with the option to engage your winning designer in a 1-to-1 project. To start a 1-to-1 project with your winning designer, click the ‘START A NEW PROJECT WITH...’ button on your finished handover page.


Note: You can access your finished design files and your signed copy of the Design Transfer Agreement from the Design Handover page at any time by clicking the Handover tab on your contest page and then clicking ‘View handover’.

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