What is a fast-tracked contest, and what's involved?

When you start a contest, you have the option to speed up the process by shortening the contest’s duration and making it a fast-tracked contest.

Fast-tracked contests last 1, 2, or 3 days instead of 7, and are not broken up into Qualifying and Final rounds. There is no Final round during a Fast-tracked contest. There is one period for design submissions, after which you can immediately select a winner and finalize your files. Here’s how it works:


1. Open for design submissions
During this time, designers submit designs to your contest. You can provide feedback about what you like, and what don’t like.
TIP: To get the most out of this time, give feedback and decline designs that don’t fit your style. This is the designers’ chance to show off their skills, and your chance to see how responsive designers are to your feedback.

Select winner
After the Open round ends, you can select a winner (or winners).
TIP: While you can do this right away, we allow up to 2 weeks to review the submitted designs and choose a winner. If you need more time with your designers, you can contact our Support Team to discuss your options to extend the Open round. 

2. Finalization
Once you’ve chosen your winner, your designer will sign the rights to the design over to you and send you the final files.
TIP: You can work with your designer to tweak your design during Finalization.


To see how much time you have left in the current round, click on the info_icon.png icon next to the timeline.


Please note: the Fast-tracked setting is not available for Web Design, Wordpress Theme Design, Mobile App Design, or Logo & Hosted Website Design contests.

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