Can I choose how much I pay for a contest?

You can set your own package price so long as it is above the minimum (Bronze) package amount for your category. To do it, click on the link that reads “I want to create a custom package” which appears below the packaged price options.

The package amount that you enter will include our fee as well as the prize amount to the winning designer.

The prize amount will increase as you add more money onto the package which will result in greater visibility with the designers on the contest listings page.

If you choose a Custom package above the Platinum price, your contest will not be exclusively open to our Top Level designers. If you wish to run a Top Level Exclusive contest and raise the price, you will have to launch the contest as Platinum and upgrade after launching.

Although you can set your own contest prize, the deliverables remain fixed and cannot be customised in a contest. 

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