How long do design contests take, and what's involved?

For all design categories except for 'Website and app design', the contest will usually run for 7 days. You can complete a contest by declaring a winner at any time, otherwise the contest will run in 3 stages:


1. Qualifying round (4 days)
During the first 4 days, designers submit designs to your contest. During this time, provide feedback about what you like, and what don’t like.
TIP: This is the designers’ chance to show off their skills, and your chance to see how responsive designers are to your feedback.

Select finalists
You can choose up to 6 designers to move into the Final round. While you can do this right away, you’ll have 4 days to make your decision.
TIP: Once this step is complete, the contest will become guaranteed, which means you’re committing to award a prize to a designer and will not be eligible for a refund.

2. Final round (3 days)
The Final round lasts for 3 days. During this round, you can work closely with your chosen finalists to help them revise the designs to perfection.

Select winner
After the Final round ends, you can select a winner (or winners). While you can do this right away, we allow up to 2 weeks to review the submitted designs and choose a winner.

3. Finalization (up to 5 days)
Once you’ve chosen your winner, your designer will sign the rights to the design over to you and send you the final files.
TIP: You can work with your designer to tweak your design during Finalization.


To see how much time you have left in the current round, click on the info_icon.png  icon next to the timeline.


The structure of Website and app design contests is the same as the other categories, but the timelines are a bit different. The Qualifying round lasts for 6 days for these contests, and the Final round lasts for 5 days.

Customers who need more time at any stage can contact our support team.

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