How long do design contests take, and what's involved?

Design contests work over several rounds, with a total of 7 days* in the qualifying round and final round where designers can submit and refine designs. If you find something you like sooner, you can select your finalists or award a winner early too, without having to wait until the end of the round.

Qualifying round (4 days)
During the first 4 days, designers submit concepts to the contest. Many designs often come in near the end of this round, so don’t worry if you’re not seeing designs right away. Once designs come in, giving feedback can help you get closer to your vision.

Select finalists (up to 4 days)
You can choose up to 6 designers to move into the final round. While you can do this right away, you’ll have 4 days to make your decision. Once this step is complete, the contest will become guaranteed. Note that designers cannot submit changes until you confirm finalists.

Final round (3 days)
During the final round, you can work closely with your chosen finalists to help them revise the designs to perfection.

Choose a winner (up to 14 days)
After the final round, you have 14 days to choose a winner. If the decision is tough, this is a good time to run a poll to get input from people you know. You can also choose multiple winners if you’d like more than one design.

Handover (5 days)
Your designer will finalize your design files and transfer the full copyright to you.

*Website and app design contests have 6 days in the qualifying round, and 5 days in the final round. Contests with multiple deliverables (such as Logo & Business Card and Logo & Brand Identity Pack) have 10 days to finalize files in the handover. 

Pro Tip

You can see where you are in the process and how much time you have left by hovering over the timeline below the title of your contest.



Want a design quicker? Reduce the rounds by running a fast-tracked contest. If you need more time, you can also apply an extension to give designers more time to submit and tweak designs.

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