How long do design contests take, and what's involved?

For all design categories except for 'Website and app design', the contest will usually run for 7 days. You can complete a contest by declaring a winner at any time, otherwise the contest will run in 3 stages:


1. Qualifying round (4 days)
During the first 4 days, designers submit designs to your contest. During this time, provide feedback about what you like, and what don’t like.

TIP: This is the designers’ chance to show off their skills, and your chance to see how responsive designers are to your feedback.

Select finalists
You can choose up to 6 designers to move into the Final round. While you can do this right away, you’ll have 4 days to make your decision.

TIP: Once this step is complete, the contest will become guaranteed, which means you’re committing to award a prize to a designer and will not be eligible for a refund.

2. Final round (3 days)
The Final round lasts for 3 days. During this round, you can work closely with your chosen finalists to help them revise the designs to perfection.

Select winner
After the Final round ends, you can select a winner (or winners). While you can do this right away, we allow up to 2 weeks to review the submitted designs and choose a winner.

3. Finalization (up to 5 days)
Once you’ve chosen your winner, your designer will sign the rights to the design over to you and send you the final files.

TIP: You can work with your designer to tweak your design during Finalization.


Pro Tip

Look below your title (next to the timeline) to see how much time is left in the current round of your contest. 


The structure of Website and app design contests is the same as the other categories, but the timelines are a bit different. The Qualifying round lasts for 6 days for these contests, and the Final round lasts for 5 days.

Customers who need more time at any stage can contact our support team.

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