Am I allowed to use clipart or stock images?

Stock Image & Clip Art Policy

  • DO NOT submit stock art, free vectors, or clip art of any kind to logo, illustration, or button/icon contests.

If you are going to use a stock image in a design that is NOT for a logo, illustration, or button/icon contest YOU MUST:

  • DECLARE ALL stock images used at the time the design is submitted.

  • CHECK THE LICENSE and be absolutely certain the stock image can be legally used how the contest holder intends.

In general we recommend NOT using stock images or clip art in the designs you submit at 99designs. Please be VERY familiar with the rules around stock images - failure to follow the rules WILL result in your 99designs account being suspended or possibly closed forever.

*Keep in mind that contest holders aren’t going to be happy if they are legally pursued over copyright issues arising from your work — and you’ll be liable for any costs and damages they incur!

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