How do I purchase Stock?

If your winning design includes stock images, you can purchase them during the design handover stage.

Where can I find the stock purchasing information?

Look to the left hand panel, beside the uploaded design(s), to find the links to any stock images included in the design.


Adobe Stock purchase instructions

If your designer used supported Adobe Stock images, you’ll be able to purchase them directly in the design handover – explained below.

1. Click on the ‘Purchase’ button next to the stock you want to purchase. 


2. You’ll be prompted to confirm the stock image before you pay.



3. After clicking "buy license" you'll select your payment method (Credit Card, PayPal etc.)

4. Then you'll be prompted to insert your payment details (as shown below)Adobe_Handover_Screenshot_4_-_Payment_Modal.png


4. You can download the file(s) directly as soon as you have paid.



Note: Your designer will also have the ability to download the stock image(s) in order to incorporate the image into their final design file(s). You retain full ownership of the stock image, even though they have the ability to download the stock image(s).


Purchase instructions from other stock sites

1.  If your designer used stock from another provider, you can purchase the stock using the link the designer provided.

2.  Purchase the stock licensing directly through the stock site. This is very important because it ensures the stock licensing is in your name.

3.  To send the stock image(s) to your designer, download them from the outside stock site and upload the images to the 'Reference' folder in your Handover 'Files' section.


My designer used Adobe Stock images, why can't I purchase them in handover? 

You have the ability to purchase Standard Adobe Stock images through our site. However, if your designer used a Premium Adobe Stock image, you’ll have to purchase it directly from the Adobe site. This is because Premium images are priced differently than the Standard stock images.  

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